About Us

About Us

Right Service is a leading service provider with several years of experience in the industry. We provide services like Industrial RO, Industrial UV, Residential RO, Residential UV, Services, Repairs & AMC, Waste Water Recycling Systems and Water Softeners. 

Your need is our commitment we guarantee efficient service and satisfaction to our clients. We are the leading service provider of a high quality Water Purifier Maintenance Service. The provided maintenance service is well known for its reliability and timely execution. 

We are able to provide perfect solutions to our clients as per their requirements. This service is rendered by experts using leading techniques keeping in mind the industry standards.

When Should You Avail Right Service

  • Every 6-9 months to keep your water filter or RO in its best shape
  • For kitchen or home renovation
  • If your RO is not working at all
  • Before or after shifting into a new house
  • Whenever you sense a bad taste or odour from the filtered water
  • When the water flow is slower than usual even if the of water supply is fine
  • Whenever you sense vibrations in the machine

Benefits of Choosing Right Service Regularly

  • Safe Drinking Water: Like any other machine, you need to take good care of your RO machine. You can clean the tank and other components on the outside but only a professional can properly clean the water filtration system on the inside. By availing our RO repair services in Mumbai, you can make sure that your RO machine gives your pure and safe water for consumption.
  • Increased Lifespan: One or more of the components of the RO machine may stop working well and get choked due to regular use. If you do not get these serviced regularly, there is a possibility that your water purifier or RO machine may not be able to work effectively. Therefore, you must avail RO repair services regularly to make your RO machine last you a long time.
  • Save Money: By choosing Right Service regularly, you get to save money since your RO machine lasts you a long time and you do not have to spend money on buying a new one regularly. Choking is another reason why components inside the RO machine stop working and need to be replaced. By getting your water purifier/RO machine serviced regularly, you also save money since the components get cleaned often and do not get choked.

Why Choose Right Service?

  • Our Professionals are Background Verified: We value the safety of our customers and only register professionals after verification. We also check their training and experience to make sure that they can maintain the quality of services we provide to our customers. You can trust the UrbanClap service providers for RO service and repair.
  • We Offer High-quality Services: Our professionals are well-trained and experienced in handling different types of water purifiers such as RO machines, water filters, UV filters, etc. They inspect, service and repair your RO machine to make sure that it functions to its best abilities.
  • We are an Established Brand Name: UrbanClap is one of the few established service marketplaces in India. We cater to customers in 8 major Indian cities and Dubai. We have maintained high standards when it comes to our services since inception and you can rely on us.
  • Our Services Can be Booked Easily: Our customers can book RO repair services from our website or mobile app at the click of a button. They only need to provide necessary information such as the type of service they want to avail, booking date and time, you can easily book our services within minutes. There is no need to go anywhere, call anyone or even be at a specific location to book our services. Our professionals will come to your house at the appointed date and time.