Everything You Need to Know About Right Service


  • Installation: If you have bought a new RO machine or want to install your old one after renovating or shifting into a new house, you can hire our professionals for installation. They will set up the appliance and make sure that you know how to operate it. 
  • Uninstallation: If you are replacing your old RO machine or shifting into a new one, you can hire UrbanClap service providers to uninstall your RO machine. They will uninstall the appliance and help you pack it safely. 

  • Installation and Uninstallation: If you want to shift into a new house then you may want to uninstall your RO machine into your old house and install it into your new house. You can avail combo offer and save money for shifting into your new house.


  • Servicing and Filter Change: RO machine needs regular maintenance to work efficiently. You can easily avail our RO repair services for regular maintenance of your water filters/purifiers. The professional will service the machine and inform you if the filter needs to be replaced. He will only change the filter after receiving approval from you. And you will be charged MRP for the filter whether it is the pre-filter, sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, post-carbon filter, etc.
  • Cleaning of the Machine and All Filters: Over time, impurities from the tap water may start to deposit in the different components of your RO machine including filters. This will not only reduce the efficiency of your RO machine but may also make the purified water taste or smell bad. Hire our RO repair professionals for cleaning your RO machine and filters.
  • Repair: If you are facing issues with your RO machine then you must hire professionals to thoroughly inspect your machine and repair it immediately. This will prevent other components of the RO machine from getting damaged and also maintain the quality of water dispensed by the machine after purification. In addition to inspection charges of Rs. 200, you only have to pay MRP of the spare parts if any component needs to be replaced. The total charges of the repair service do not exceed Rs. 200 + MRP of the spare parts.